Sound system upgrades and refits

Last week saw us completing audio installations at two midlands sports venues - Shirley Golf Club and the Leamington and County Golf Club, formerly known as Whitnash Golf Club.

The brief at Shirley was for the fitting of outdoor patio speakers to integrate with their existing audio system and modification of their current amplifier to enable the simultaneous use of two microphones. Additionally we checked that their radio microphone frequencies were legal following the changes in regulations after the diital switch over (DSO).


In the UK, the use of cordless radio microphones, in ear monitoring and other wireless audio equipment by bands, music venues, theatres, schools, dance / aerobics classes, communitiy centres and similar is classed as Program Making and Special Events (PMSE). The radio frequencies in which most wireless microphones operated prior to the UK Digital Switch Over during 2011 / 2012 cannot now be used and so it is likely that most existing radio wireless microphone and other wireless audio equipment will have been affected by the new UK wireless regulations. If in doubt why not give us a call and we will be happy to explain the changes and advise if you are affected.


Leamington and County Golf Club needed a way for visiting acts to plug into their existing sound system, a simple matter for us to fit an interface plate whilst we extended the system to incorporate the snooker and television rooms.

After suffering from the floods of last November the Talardy Hotel in St.Asaph is now on the way to re-opening and we were pleased to be able to return there last  week to re-install the sound and lighting systems in preparation for that happy event. We wish them all the best for the re-opening and a trouble free future.


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