Leamington Sight & Sound has project management procedures which are consistent with best practice for the installation of Sound Systems, Lighting Systems and Video Systems.

Leamington Sight & Sound have retained Health and Safety advisers who constantly monitor regulations thus any documentation and assessment is right up to date. They consult with us on a very regular basis and work for us on larger multi-disciplined AV projects where say, many contractors are involved in the project.

Sound, Lighting and Video systems

These systems can include anything from background sound for restaurants, DJ led pubs, retail, social and sporting clubs, leisure venues or corporate receptions and boardrooms, to Live Music venues, Drama, Schools and Education establishments, showrooms and everything in between. Leamington Sight & Sound can interpret your AV requirement precisely.

Lighting Systems can vary from decorative mood enhancing, Drama, Live stage, Architectural buildings or objects, showrooms, town centre entertainment venues, dance floors, pubs and clubs.
This can be anything from simple self-operating lighting systems to sophisticated programmed control systems. Leamington Sight & Sound through continued professional development and close relations with manufacturers can bring to you the latest lighting technology to enhance your project.

Video Screens and Systems

Video Screens are now so varied and sophisticated that careful choice needs to be made to select the correct one for your application. This may be Large Screen drop down projector types, Video Walls, Large Screen Led panels, single Plasma Screen for messaging, multiple screen distribution for a club, pub, sports bar and the like right up to the latest pixel mapped Led panels seen at concerts and sports arenas. Through continued updating Leamington Sight & Sound can produce anything from a Single Sourced screen to a multi input multi screen Video System showing anything anywhere indoors or outdoors.

Sound Lighting and Video System Installation Engineers

Leamington Sight & Sound use our own installation engineers and oversee any  business partnerships involved in the project, including structural engineers, riggers, programmers and electrical contractors, thus producing a seamless AV installation and integration of your Sound, Lighting and Video project. This gives you one point of contact for enquiries, progress meetings, changes and site visits.  Where specifically required for a Sound, Lighting or Video project they are carefully chosen for their specialist AV skills, experience and knowledge, they also share our dedication and passion for customer service and satisfaction. More often than not we have a long working relationship with them. This extends to manufacturers also, with “hot off the shelf” new technology they will quite often work alongside a Sound Lighting and Video installation to monitor their new product and advise accordingly with in-depth knowledge that only they will have. These relationships have also been forged over some 30 years and the Sound, Lighting and Video designers are only too happy to assist a company such as Leamington Sight & Sound as they endorse are skills in producing good AV projects using their product.

Quality of Installation

You can be assured that using Leamington Sight & Sound for your Sound, Lighting and Video design together then with the installation will not only interpret your requirements precisely but see it through all the project stages to the final completion, commissioning and of course your ultimate enjoyment in using it.