Friday round up

Any start to this week would have been better than last weekend! We never like to complain about being busy but you know, if you unplug a keyboard and mouse it’s always a good idea to plug it back in the right way round, we've found that A. it then works and B. you don’t have a disaster lighting wise on your Saturday night...Not to worry though, being the experts that we are; we program our light set up to do their own thing in the event of no control being received, would have been a long way to go to find out the cables were plugged in the wrong ports!

We've been right round the UK this week; on Monday we got going on site in Southampton, working on a major student venue going through a rebrand and full overhaul – new AV set up, big screens, wiring, architectural and LED lighting plans, we will expand on this one soon, should be interesting! By the time we got home to bed it was time get up and get to North Wales to install a piece of kit that's a local authority requirement to help a client keep their entertainment license and liaising with EHO to keep everyone happy!

Wednesday we were in Manchester for The Essential Install Live Show, some very interesting pieces of kit!

We thankfully settled back down yesterday, in the office designing plans and project discussions with clients, menial office admin jobs and planning for next week. Right now, we have a few bits to finish off and then we're off to the pub to pray for a peaceful weekend...


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