Friday round up

We were working harder than ever last week to get a big job finished - remember that student venue we were overhauling the sound and light on in Southampton? It's now complete and opens Nov 5th – which by the way is our 30th birthday! LSS has been going and growing for 30 years and OH what a ride. But less about our age...

Fitted digital sound limiters to a background music system in a foodie pub, seemed like overkill but the planning officers want what the planning officers want! Then onwards and upwards, literally – our degree in levitation finally paid off when we were called in to repair a projector that was 7 meters in the air! Then something that resembled more of a cinema screen than a TV, into a pub in Manchester just in time for the local derby – which they lost – mustn't have taken it too badly as haven't had any calls about TV repair! We installed a video interface for an interactive quiz in a large high street venue up north, mind bending – but nothing we can't handle!

This week on Wednesday we were training a few guys for Soundweb Digital sound processing software and then had to find a cure for a pub with 4G phone interference – the remedy turned out to be cute – yes, cute - filters and then finishing off the week installing and programming a Show Magic lighting control software package for a town center venue in Henley-On-Thames, Pimms o'clock anyone?

We'll leave you with a word from the wise...

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