Another Nice Endorsement

My brief to Leamington Sight & Sound Ltd was to be able to adjust the lighting to suit different times of day and different seasons, and have the ability to create dynamic scenes using technology to turn training into an immersive experience.

The lighting can be used to make 150 people feel ‘warm and peaceful’ or ‘cool and clinical’,
because we believe that changing the ambience of a room can raise people’s productivity.

The control within the Sherbourne Suite has raised my expectations of what is possible, as
we now have pre-set scenes, so anyone can walk into the room and highlight the stage, or the presenter, or dim the front to draw people to the screen.

Before now lighting has always been seen as a complex system that can only be used in a rigid way,
but the solution Leamington Sight and Sound Ltd have provided can be easily setup and used by anyone.

It just works!!

I now wouldn’t considered a room to be dimmable, if it didn’t smoothly adjust over 177 levels!

Thank you Leamington Sight & Sound Ltd
Tom Dorman-Matthews
IT Officer

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